We help you analyze data so you can build better patient profiles.


One Lambda has developed a variety of software applications to aid in the evaluation and analysis of data retrieved through HLA testing. Assisting with assignment of typing and antibody detection results, One Lambda software further increases testing efficiency.

Disclaimer: All One Lambda software products are designed to assist personnel experienced in HLA analysis by suggesting results. However, all suggested results must be carefully reviewed by such qualified personnel to assure correctness. This software is meant as a laboratory aid, not as a source of definitive results.

HLA Fusion™ Software  

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HLA Fusion™ Software is a companion to our HLA screening and DNA typing products. It features analysis modules for One Lambda’s FlowPRA™, LABScreen™, LABType™, LCT™, Micro…

SureTyper™ Software 

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SureTyper software is simple, fast, automated, and requires minimal training.

TypeStream™ Visual NGS Analysis Software

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TypeStream Visual provides the analyst with a wide range of analytical tools, run statistics and quality metrics to facilitate examination and reinforce decision making.

UniMatch PLUS™ Software

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UniMatch PLUS Software, for use with UniTray™ and AllSet+™ Gold, analyzes the SSP reaction patterns against the IMGT/HLA database...

uTYPE Software  

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uTYPE™ Software has built-in features that accurately filter data are powered by proprietary algorithms, and easy-to-use tools enable you to get the final typing results…