G-Res™ Typing Test

Combining Proven Technologies to Deliver G Group-Level Resolution Genotyping


A growing number of laboratories are evaluating next-generation sequencing (NGS) because it provides allele-level typing with minimal ambiguity.  However, concerns remain over turnaround time, complexity of the workflow and data analysis, and cost of NGS consumables.


G-Res combines sequenced based typing (SBT) and reverse sequence specific oligonucleotide typing (rSSO); two technologies currently available in many laboratories; to produce single genotypes at G level resolution.


G-Res Typing Test

Catalog #: GRES

Combines proven sequence-based typing and bead-based sequence-specific oligonucleotide techniques to deliver G group-level resolution of HLA-A, -B, -C, and –DRB1 loci.