Lambda Monoclonal Trays™ (LMT)

Lambda Monoclonal Trays, a One Lambda exclusive, are extremely dependable for determining HLA Class I or Class II antigens. Each tray is comprised exclusively of monoclonal antibodies, rather than human anti-serum, and has both positive and negative controls and will accommodate most CDC methods. They are designed for use with both staining techniques−dye exclusion and fluorescence.  

How Does LMT Work?

Viable lymphocytes are incubated with a mixture of complement-binding monoclonal antibodies and complement. If the lymphocytes express an antigen recognized by a specific antibody, the Fab portion of the antibody binds to the antigen, forming an antigen-antibody complex. After these complexes have formed, the C1q and Ca++ from the complement binds to the FC portion of the antibody. One IgM antibody is required to bind one molecule of C1q or two IgG antibodies are required to bind one molecule of C1q. Binding of C1q initiates the complement cascade, which leads to cell lysis with antigen antibody complexes. In a negative reaction, the lymphocytes remain viable. In a positive reaction, the lymphocytes are dead.

Lambda Monoclonal Trays™ (LMT)  

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Featuring premixed monoclonal antibodies and rabbit complement, One Lambda Monoclonal Trays offer a fast and dependable method for determining HLA Class I or Class II…