Our tissue typing family also includes two unique cell isolation reagent products, LymphoKwik™ and FluoroBeads™. In addition, we offer a host of HLA testing reagents optimized for use with HLA typing trays. These products include B27 FITC and bulk monoclonal antibody, rabbit complement, staining and quenching reagents, mineral oil, AHG, and other control reagents.

B27 Monoclonal Antibody

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The HLA B27 FITC conjugated monoclonal antibody will confirm the presence of HLA B27, as well as all eight sub-types associated with ankylosing spondylitis*. HLA B27 FITC is a…

Bulk Monoclonal Antibodies

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Unconjugated HLA Monoclonal Antibodies are available for a variety of research applications.

Cytotoxic Controls

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Designed for the microcytotoxicity assay, One Lambda cytotoxic controls re used to test various conditions from the viability of a lymphocyte reparation to the reactivity of…


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Gentle and tube-based magnetic separation with Dynabeads® is the technology of choice when you want to isolate high yields of pure, viable and functional cells.

FluoroBeads™ Isolation Reagents

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The cell isolation reagents feature a particle size less than one micron in diameter, minimize cell membrane damage, facilite the use of automation, and increase fluorescence…

FluoroQuench™ Staining/Quenching Reagent  

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FluoroQuench™ is a unique mixture of fluorescent dyes and quench, used to stain lymphocytes, quench background fluorescence and stop the reaction in one simple step.…

Goat IgG Anti-Human Kappa

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Goat IgG Anti-Human Kappa augments the cytotoxic reactivity of HLA antibodies, cytotoxic negative absorption positive (CYNAP) reactive antibodies, by at least 4 to 8-fold,…

Heavy Mineral Oil

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Mineral oil is used in the microcytotoxicity assay to prevent the evaporation of antisera dispensed onto a Terasaki Typing Tray. One Lambda offers a heavy mineral oil that…


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These cell-isolation reagents provide a unique method for isolating specific lymphocyte populations. Unlike standard density gradients, LymphoKwik utilizes a combination of…

Pooled Human Serum

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Designed for use as a cell culture protein supplement or a negative control reagent, Pooled human serum (PHS) is derived from plasma collected from healthy AB blood group male…

Rabbit Complement

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Rabbit serum has been found to be the most effective source of complement for HLA typing and antibody screening.